About My Blog

For over five years now, Obsessed Events has been a journey that began as a beauty blog, where I shared reviews and swatches. As time progressed, it has transformed into a comprehensive lifestyle blog encompassing beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle topics.

When I initially embarked on the Obsessed Events journey, I was a student. Beauty was an accessible focus for my blog. However, as I’ve matured, my interests have expanded. I’ve realized that my readers are intrigued by more than just beauty. Hence, I’ve extended my blog to cover not only my favorite beauty products but also my culinary adventures, travel escapades, wardrobe additions, life anecdotes, and much more.

Every piece of content on www.obsessedevents.com reflects solely my personal opinion and has remained uninfluenced. I exclusively write about products and experiences I’ve personally tested. Although I receive products occasionally, my perspective remains unaltered. Sponsored posts, if any, are clearly identified. While I collaborate with brands to produce content, my reviews remain candid.

The images you find on this website are captured by me, and due credit is given to any sourced images. If you wish to use any of my images, please contact me at office@obsessedevents.com. Chances are, I’ll be glad to grant permission, but I’ve invested significant effort into photographing content for my blog and appreciate proper attribution.

Negative language and comments are not tolerated on my blog. Constructive criticism is welcome, but rude or derogatory comments will be removed. It’s important to differentiate between constructive critique and negativity.